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11th August 2008

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#1 11 years ago

Ok, I dont have the skill to pull this of but let me describe here what I would do and perhaps someone can use the idea. The mortal mod would fix one great problem I have with KOTOR - the overpowered jedi. Light or dark they are so powerful they are almost god like. I mean - compare them to other non-jedi team members! It just aint cool, at least for me. So heres what mortal mod would do:

1) tweek force powers -all dark side powers cost more and as well as using force points they use health points. -reduce the damage of force storm - it is just wrong that you can in 3 rounds or so clear a whole room full of enemies. -force meditate - I never got why this was an instant cast. It should be that when you activate force meditate it does the usual boost to your group and does a small debuff to the enemies HOWEVER! to make it balanced - as long as it lasts 15 sec or until another order is given the jedi casting it is in the meditation position and can not fight. Same goes for healing. If it heals a whole group it should at least come with some penalty. Same deal as before - 15 sec chanel that can refill 50% of your health.

2) boost melee weapons - the gap between melee and sabers (both unbuffed) is huge as it is (avr. melee is around 7 points while sabers go around 15) and lightsabers can get 5 upgrades to melee 3.

3) make enemies tougher.

4) add special gear for classes to the workbench. I mean - who needs to make regular shields or basic pistols on the workbench?

Well thats my suggestion. Thoughts?

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27th December 2006

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#2 11 years ago

Most of this is doable, though it would cause a lot of incompatibilities, and is going to be a lot of slog.

It has been some time.