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#1 11 years ago

ive noticed that T3M4 doesnt have combat feats like powershot, rapid fire and snipershot... however 3 items give theses feats to t3m4 specifically d_tool_12, d_tool_13 d_tool_14, each of these items grants one of the 3 diffrent ranged combat feats.. what i am requesting is if someone could either combine each combat feat into one tool, OR even better allow t3m4 to learn these feats as he levels up in the game... there is a "droid enhancment" mod already up that grants diffrent feats for the playable droid characters, so perhaps someone(like the author of that mod) could update it to allow these feats, that'd be AWESOMME!


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#2 11 years ago

its a simple uti edit to make a item give droids all 3 feats. if you wish send me you email over PM and i will send you a file that gives him these feats.