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18th August 2007

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#1 12 years ago

I was thinking about modding graphical effects to be a bit more appealing, for example: More objects bloom More objects are reflective Dynamic Shadows show on a characters face and body Lightsabers give off Dynamic Lighting of blade color (similiar to the blaster shots of Blasters... whose users are getting shot at by HK-47 :p) Energy Shields are less "blocky" and the edges/seams on them are more smooth/rounded Holograms are smoother and have bloom effects as well as some slight reflective properties Spherical effects (like breath control) are more reflective and give off bloom Humans skin will be slightly reflective at low health levels (to show signs of sweat) Dynamic lights in the module/level/scenario/bsp effect characters, weapons, items, and the bsp around it Does anyone know where to start? I not that good at creating actual weapons and other items but I still wanna contribute by spicing up their looks abit.