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#1 8 years ago

Im about to start a new kotor 2 (havent played it in years and never with mods) game and im wondering which mods are the "must-have". Im not looking to change the core of the game too much, i just want more content and an overall more complete experience without having to install too much mods.

The ones i found as of now are: 90SK's super content mod, the ultimate saber mod, M4-78, TSL Restored Content mod along with a mod to make headgear invisible and another to remove some of the visual effects (both of these by Shem).

If i were to use these, would i have any compatibility issues? Also, are there any other mods that i should consider?

thank you!

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#2 8 years ago

Usually, if an author is aware of any incompatibility with specific mods, he or she will note that in the readme. If the author clearly states that there are no issues with said modifications, there should not occur any problems or whatsoever. As for modifications, the TSL Restoration would be recommended, but you've already mentioned it. So... yeah.

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