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#1 13 years ago

I downloaded the toturial by Doom Dealer. But i tryed somthing diffrent and now im stuck. I want to add an NPC infront of the Medical Termianl in Peragus. So i did everything and i package it into a mod and hes still not there? OK wheres what i did. I first started off by find a jedi under the blueprint thing Named him n_jedimemm-edit. Changed what he looked like to something i liked. Then useing DLG editor made new dialog for him. I went back and linked the dialog to him using the name of the file on the dialog thing under his options. Saved him. Went ingame using the whereami arm band found my quardinents. Which are.. Beginning whereami output: Module: 101PER > -9.10441 <--------Correct me if im wrong but isnt the > -1.23848 <-------- First one x 2nd y and 3rd x? > 9.05804 <-------I used the bold ones. Do i have to > XOrientation: -0.79693 <-------use more? > YOrientation: 0.60407 > Bearing: 2.49300 Nearest Creature: Tag: g_assassindrd01 Distance: 26.900m Nearest Door: Tag: peragusdoor1 Distance: 5.187m Nearest Placeable: Tag: medcom Distance: 0.407m Nearest Trigger: Tag: hint1 Distance: 12.744m Nearest Waypoint: Tag: medlog Distance: 0.146m End of whereami output ----------- Then i place it in the .gff stuff. wich is... kgff_struct Simple Verson STRUCT ID: 4] TemplateResRef [Type: RESREF]Vaule: n_jedimemm-edit XOrientation [Type FLOAT]Value: -0.796930015087128 XPosition [Type: FLOAT] Value: -9.10441017150879 YOrientation [Type FLOAT]Value: 0.604070007801056 YPosition [Type FLOAT]Value: -1.23847997188568 ZPosition [Type:FLOAT]Value: 9.05804 Tested in game and hes still not there? He should be infront of the Medical Terminal. But hes not? Do i have to use the Module Editor that comes with Kotor Tool? If so then i need some more toturials on how to do that.


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#2 13 years ago

Have you even created the utc for the NPC?

And check the RESREF of the NPC, not the tag. You will need to add the RESREF to the TemplateResRef field.