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#1 12 years ago

Because I'm new to this forum, first of all, hi all :cya: The KotOR 2 dueling feat has been bugging me for a while, in my humble opinion it is far weaker (compared to Two-Weapon Fighting) than it was in KotOR I. For those who don't know why I say this, here are the reasons: -More upgrades for your saber(s) in KotOR 2 (2 saber -> 2x upgrades) -A bonus Two-Weapon Fighting (TWF) feat for M/WM

I wish I knew why Obsidian didn't make a 2nd Dueling feat too for the prestige melee classes, because this way it doesn't worth it to pick over TWF. I am not really an expert in modding (I can't mod at all), this is why I am making this Mod Request to all professional modders around: Can you make a mod which includes a 2nd Dueling feat for M/WM (like the TWF has)? It mustn't be overpowered, just equal to the TWF feats. I'm not expert in game mechanisms, but I guess if you make a new line with the very same values as the first Dueling line has (this way we would end up with +6 att +6 def) it will not balance it. In my opinion (as I said, I'm not expert, so correct me if I'm wrong) the best would be: +8 attack +8 defense +1-10 dmg (these are ending values!) Any ideas are welcomed, and I would be very happy if someone could do this for me :rolleyes:

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#2 12 years ago

Feats are hard-coded, thus not possible to create new ones.

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#3 12 years ago
JM_Bane;4609255Feats are hard-coded, thus not possible to create new ones.

Hm, there must be a way to bypass it :uhm: What if it is made to be a Force Power dedicated M/WM giving pernament bonuses with a requirement of having the Dueling feat maxed out?