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9th October 2007

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#1 12 years ago

Ok, I did not want to start a thread on this, seeing as most decent modders may know the answer, and it will probably be so easy to find out I will be mauled for asking. I have been tinkering for some time with the KOTOR Tool and such, modifying already existing mods in a simple manner, you know, a .tga change here, a .mdx tweak there, and .uti manipulation. I like to teach myself how to do things, but there comes a time when every man has to be humble enough to accept he needs help. I have noticed there are some TSL Basic Clothing mods in the site, but they all overwrite different in-game models (for example: Jedi armours, slave outfit, etc.), save the Jedi Clothing Fix Revamp, which, to tell the truth, went and made a mess of my override folder and .2da's. It took me a long time to return to previous config, for I had not made a backup... Go figure!!, I always make backups and end up erasing them, no worse for wear, but this one, single time, I got careless... Anyway, I have been looking for the original Cloth model and texture variation reference names, but I have not found them. I even took some shots at trying codes out of deduction, you know, whatever could be between PMBAM and PMBC!! :rofl: I'm guessinG it must be something like PMBBL or some such, as in the original KOTOR. If any of you, talented modders could tell me what the .mdx and .mdl files names are for Basic Clothing, I would be relieved and grateful. Please, help me turn those ugly peasant rags into the neat Jedi tunics I like so much!! :(