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#1 10 years ago

Hello THere, I am planning on making a mod of star wars in the future and I am trying to find the perfect game in which to mod to my liking. Here are a few of my major concerns.

The Mod I will be planning to make will span across the entire timeline of Star Wars, and before you flame me I know that it seems like a very difficult task and all that but that is not what concerns me.

What Concerns me is if the player goes to space than to a planet than back to space and than back to the planet, that everything the player has done on the planet before remains done after. (Empire At War\Forces of Corruption)

Also I need a game that's not too hard to to script in RPG\Story Sequences and Stuff like that which I'm scared of with Jedi Academy because I'm not sure if single player is easily moddable.

I have a feeling that KOTOR I\II would be the best but most tedious choice for my mod. So Now I decided to come to you for your advice and masterful wisdom.

Please Help Me choose a game that would prove to be the best for me to mod for my Future Mod, and it doesn't only have to be one of the games i listed... It doesn't even have to be a star wars game... As long as I can Mod Single Player RPG Sequences and stuff, and it has alot of Star Wars Models\Skins\Planets Etcettera.

This may sound very confusing so please feel free to ask any questions you like. Sorry that the post is so very long. I will be posting this on multiple Star Wars Game Forums.

Thank You in Advance.



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4th August 2006

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#2 10 years ago

Well, you're only going to find out how hard one of the five games you seem to have chosen as potential choices is, by learning how to mod them. Modding a game can be easier for one person, than it is for someone else.

Four of those five are two examples of different game genres - RTS and RPG.

SW:BF2 is an basicly an online shooter, but already has a timeline of different periods. Whilst not as advanced as what you appear to be wanting to do, it's still there.

Modding KoTOR/TSL for what you want would be a simply mammoth undertaking, and would be almost the same as making an entirely new game.

EaW/FoC can have a timeline through scenarios, but changing the look of a planet would require map-making aswell. Lots, and lots of map making.

The only question I have, is why did you just spam the exact same text in three different game forums? I only ask, because if you're doing that, then you need to put more thought into what you're going to be undertaking.

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#3 10 years ago

Do you have any skills in modeling or coding or Uving? or even scripting?


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#4 10 years ago

[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Ok, I'm not a man of masterful wisdom but Here is my opinion. I would have to say kotor 1 is easiest to mod and it is a lot easier to learn how to mod but if you are an advance modder I would have to say go with kotor 2 and in both games if you leave a planet then return every thing will stay the same. As for the idea of the mod I like it although it will be hard to accomplish in any game.[/COLOR]