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#1 11 years ago

Hey peeps...

Is there anyone out there that is unbelievably awesome with textures? I really want to modify a couple of items for my own personal use, but I totally suck at the complex ones...

I would really like a reskin of the Storm-Trooper helmet to go with the blue Clone armour (similar paint job to the Boss RC helmet), with a different model and texture name so I can still use the plain white one. Unfortunately, when I attempt to modify the textures the shiny bits aren't :( I've tried with Photoshop and GIMP, but I don't know enough about that sort of stuff... (the uti's are great though :p)

I'm also wanting to modify the armours a little, but again the shiny bits beat me

Textures I am currently using are - Boss RC (helmet and armour), Red Clone Trooper (armour), Blue Clone Trooper (armour), Storm Trooper (helmet and armour) and Generic RC (helmet)

I know these are mods done by other people but I'm not looking to distribute them at all, just for my own use

If anyone can help out that'd be totally awesome


I didn't make it!

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#2 11 years ago

Never mind, I worked out the shiny bits

Just had to clear the underlying layer and set the opacity back a bit

I would still like to find out how to change the model/texture associations though