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#1 13 years ago

Area Transition Script This is a tutorial that will show you how to make a script that can warp the player to a specific location in another module and play a movie before it loads. Here is the script. void main() {

StartNewModule("104PER","wp_playerstart", "MalMov10");

} In this script I have the player warping to one of the perogus modules to one of the waypoints in that specific module while playing one of the malachor movies. IT IS important that you do those 3 in that order or you will end up with a completely messed up warp script. In the first quotes you put the name of the .mod or .rim of the module you want the player to be warped to. In the second set of quotes you put the waypoint in the module for the player to arrive when he warps there. NOTE: this is not nessesary, if you leave it blank he/she will warp to the default warping point set in the .ifo of the module. Use this if there is a specific target you want your pc to go to when they warp to the module. In the last set of quotes you put the name of the movie .bik file in the movies directory you want to play before the pc warps there. This is usefull for if you have the player warping to a different planet and you want to play a movie that shows the player's ship going to that planet. Once you have finished, compile it and you can use it in a dialog or in a trigger. -Gsccc