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10th May 2008

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I gots a new idea! This one, I can do almost by myself. I need someone to help me with the modeling. I might wanna give out the idea first.

On Peragus, a dead miner has a datapad that says something particular about a group of people called "The Elementals" who have weapons corresponding to their element. Not elements like Oxygen or Helium, but like Fire, water, wind, and ice. He was hunted, as a bigger organization then the Exchange wished that he died, and any Jedi who reads the datapad would also be hunted. Luckily for you, you're a Jedi!

After you leave Peragus, I'm gonna change the Fake Batu Rem into the first Elemental; Ice. The fight'll be a little harder, but after you get released, Grenn will give you his weapon, the Ice Sword, which has freezing properties. Also, know that one guy who you fight on Telos (For DS points) if you steal his stuff? He will also be changed into another Elemental, Wind. He was Ice's partner, and will fight you. He carries the Wind Sword, which has slicing properties.

I'll put more details as I, well, work them out. I'll start work on altering dialog and if someone is willing to do some modeling for this mod, I'd be as happy as a clam. I'd be happy with a sword model (Any is fine) with a color corresponding to its element (ie. Fire would be Red or Orange, Ice would be Light Blue, Wind would be Green) I'll get in contact with whoever is willing and work out details, and hopefully release screens soon. As I have no experience with editing the global.jrl file, I'll do quests with datapads.

And on Nar Shaada is the best part: The Revenge (Big Organization)'s lair. There, more people will be there to fight. I hope to make the entrance to it accessible in that first module, the docks (Where the Hawk is)