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#1 11 years ago

A long time ago I used a youngling jedi skin on JKA and loved playing with him. So I got to thinking... would it at all be possible to make a recruitable Youngling Jedi in TSL? If so I can do my best to figure out the programming work behind getting him in game (I think lol.) But if i could get a model+skin (of which I no talent in making) I would very grateful indeed. :)

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#2 11 years ago

Well, there are models and skins for kids already in the game. Question is: do you like any of them? (there are a lot walking around in K1) If yes, you'd just have to change someone's utc-file and make a new dialogue for him. About the person to be replaced... did you have someone special in mind?

Oh, and there is one thing I'm not quite sure about... do the kids have animations for lightsabre-combat? Because basically, that wouldn't make much sense I think...



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#3 11 years ago

Ouch, I didn't think about the animations, that would knock a hole in my boat wouldn't it. As for person to replace well I was never very fond of GOTO or HK-47 (in TSL anyways) either one of those. When I asked for a model + skin I was really refering to something like the younglings in episodes 2-3 with the robes and hat. Like seen here from JKA filefront: Jedi Knight Files - Screenshots for File: Younglings If such a mod would be...beyond an amature's modding skills then i'm afraid I wouldn't be able to do this one. Thanks for Reply though! :cool: