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4th August 2006

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#41 13 years ago
Fit Kisto;3651978yes. well. lets all cross our fingers that it will come out at all. although, lucas arts would be crazy not to.

Crazy? Come on, they'd be sheer lunatics not to!:lol:


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#42 13 years ago

if kotor 3 will come out then i am going to get it!!!! (i dont have kotor 2 yet but what the heck it is coming from amazone)



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8th May 2007

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#43 13 years ago

Well, if it comes out, I really hope it's modable. We could all use more mods... That aside, I would still buy it if it wasn't a full game. Why? Because modders could add on where the devs didn't. If they get a deadline that's more than enough, then I hope they'll add some extra new stuff...

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13th April 2007

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#44 13 years ago

I read about a year ago that Lucas Arts got a new director of video games or whatever and fired the entire KOTOR III development team. Whether or not Lucas Arts, Bioware or even Obsidian try to continue the KOTOR line of games is yet to be determined. I am just happy to read Dark Horse Comic's Knights of the Old Republic Comic books that take place just before and during the Mandalorian Wars. It goes into a prophecy by a group of Jedi Consulars that see that a Jedi will turn on the Order and become a Sith Lord so they murder their own padawans in fear that one of them might be the traitor and blame it all on a goofball of a padawan that turns out to be a cunning young Jedi. Shades of Revan are highlighted in this series and the appearance of Revan has yet to be written but I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND THAT YOU GO OUT AND GET THESE COMICS IF YOU ARE JONESING FOR INSIGHT INTO THE ENTIRE KOTOR UNIVERSE!!! Ahem. But in all reality, there might not be one and there might be one. But it might not gain the hype that the first KOTOR got in the press. I for one pray that the third installment comes with deeper story and character lines, better Force Powers and even more evil (and good) characters to play and fight against like finding Revan and being able to go back and forth switching PC's for different missions and just cuz you want to play Revan for the rest of the game........ May the Force be with us......


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27th May 2007

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#45 13 years ago

think logically about KOTOR III release- not likely for a late 2007 since it has yet to be announced, less likely for an early 2008 release since Force Unleashed will be out and they wont push 2 big games at same time, so if it is announced either at C4 last day, tomorrow (Monday Memorial Day) or at E3 then the earliest release would b2 Quarter 2 of 2008 more likely Summer 08