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12th August 2008

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#371 10 years ago

probably a consular.

Because he wouldn't fight :rofl:


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14th August 2008

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#372 10 years ago

I think Consular as well, due to him endless speeches...:deal:

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9th October 2007

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#373 10 years ago

Hahahahahaha!! :rofl:Well, you have to remember Georgie was quite a hotshot when he was young, greatly inspired by James Dean, car racing and maverick attitudes in general!! Sure, he is a big white-haired grandpa nowadays, but in his time he was a rogue, a rebel. Just take a look at recent pictures of the man!! I mean, his cowboy hat, his shades... sitting on a speederbike, etc!! They are reminiscent of that classic photograph of him and Coppola when they became independent film-makers!! ...:eek: sheeeesh!! Am I completely old for remembering such things, or what?? :lol: I would say he wouldn't have been a Consular because he was not a negotiator, and he definitely enjoyed a much wilder aspect of life. However, it seems to me Qui-Gon Jinn is something of a personal characterization of Lucas; you know, a free, stubborn, out-of-the-box Jedi who actually got his way, was succesful and respected in a community where following the rules was a priority... ;) sounds awfuly similar to the real-life story of a certain mischievous film-maker from Modesto...


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17th October 2008

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#374 10 years ago

i also think Qui-Gin Jinn is the alter ego character of george lucas they are both calm talkative people with beards with a commanding pressance.