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21st July 2005

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#1 15 years ago

Yesterday I finally got KotOR 2! Things don't make much sense yet since I've only played an hour of it, though the odd thing is since I played the Red Faction demo a couple of days ago I keep wanting the walls to blow open after a grenade explodes. :vikki:

I guess my first impressions are that "That Atton guy's as irratating and whiny as Mission" and "Why's the Ebon Hawk blown to hell" cause I was stupid enough to skip the first cutscene. I'll have to rewatch that. The suprising thing is that when I loaded it it said that I had v. 2.00. Thought it was just 1.00b. Oh well, at least it hasn't crashed yet.

Anyway, I'll probably start modding it soon so that Inyri doesn't feel KotOR Files isn't her personal mod storage space. Why didn't I mod one that much? I dunno. I hope that KotOR 2 has some more interesting modules to work with.

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3rd March 2005

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#2 15 years ago

hope you enjoy it mate :D