A really annoying M4-78 problem -1 reply

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#1 7 years ago

Hi guys. Imma getting to the point right now 'cause I just my brain hurts. A lot. Anyway. I reach a door named Anchor II something, click on it, it opens and I continue on ahead. Standart procedure in the KotOR games. Next comes a loading screen of a weird... something and then I see a cutscene in which Sion is meditating inside the Trayus core in front the hologram of my character. A sith assassin comes, they talk a little, Sion stands up and is probably coming towards me. Cutscene ends, no problem. But after this I receive a nice, ol' fashioned black screen. I can swing and hear my lightsaber, can switch characters, can use Force powers and can hear myself walking. But I can't see it. After half an hour, full of swearing, I figured out how I can fix this - I saved and then loaded the save. And guess what - I was in the Trayus Core! WTF!?!?!? I'm so confused right now and any help from your side will be very, very, VERY appreciated.