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#1 10 years ago

Helllo there first post for me! In my 10th time playing Kotor 2 i decided to add some more mods than any other time and and although this is risky since some of them may not work together i had encountered no problems in my game until i reached the end of the Jedi Enclave in Dantoine where there is a confrontation with Garevick.The problem is that although i can see his name and status bar, first of all it remains "teal" and not "red" like i'm still speaking to a non hostile target and moreover there is no model representing him like he's invisible or something!I can target him but i can't hit him and eventually kill him because the game crashes and since there is no way to get past this encounter other than killing them all i am stuck there. So my questions are: Has this happened to anyone else so you can help me? Is there a cheat or any other way to get me to a forward point so i can avoid the crush?I tried reloading many previous saves but there's no change.The final solution would be to re-install the game so i can avoid that if no one knows how to fix it. The mods i'm currently using are quite a bunch but most of them are small without compatibility issues except 2 big ones like 90sksuper and m4_78_addon_v1.1. Thanks in advance!