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Illidan Kazama

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12th February 2010

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#1 7 years ago

I finally got KOTOR working, oh geez what a struggle, but now the graphics look a bit trashy, what i mean that around the characters for example are a lot and i mean a lot of pixels, which looks horrible. Is there a way to fix that without letting KOTOR crash or something similiar?

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#2 7 years ago

[COLOR=seagreen]In today's age, I am guessing you have well more than 1GB of RAM, and the other components are quite advanced as well. What system are you running on your computer? Windows 7 I am guessing? If that is the case, you could do 2 things:[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen][/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=orange]1.[/COLOR] Run in compatability mode for XP service Pack 2.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen][/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen][COLOR=orange]2.[/COLOR] Run a virtual environment (live Hyper-V, or something similar) of XP service Pack 2 or 3, and install the game there.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen][/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]Those should solve SOME of your problems. It may not do you much good, but you could also add on the Windows Vista Fix.[/COLOR]