I need a Kotor 2 save -1 reply

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#1 8 years ago

i need a save game just after the intro when you first control your character because my game crashes after the intro and i would like it to be a male jedi guardian.just email it to [EMAIL="Beaver75@yahoo.com"]Beaver75@yahoo.com[/EMAIL]

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#2 8 years ago

When you said “after the intro,” were you referring to the story text, or the entire Ebon Hawk prologue? For some unknown reason, my own game will not load a save from the Ebon Hawk prologue. The best option is to wait until after your arrival on Peragus to make any saves. Furthermore, to become a Jedi, you simply need to: 1. Go to the morgue and speak to Kreia. 2. Fight your way through the droids toward the Command Room. 3. Just before you arrive, Kreia will speak to you telepathically, and ask you if you can feel the Force. It is here where you first become a Jedi. You can do all of that yourself, as the morgue is only next door to the kolto healing room. The most that I would do for someone is to open the door to the morgue, but the players have to speak to Kreia themselves. As for the save file itself: 1. Should it be a male or female character? (You already stated male.) 2. Which face? 3. Which class? 4. Which feats? 5. Do you have any special requirements or requests?