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#1 10 years ago

To be able to help me as much as possible, here are my system specs. eMachines. WinXP 3.3 Ghz 512MB RAM Video Card: ATI Xpress 200 I tell my problem in detail as I want as much help as I can get. Despite the fact my computer is plenty fast enough to run this game, I'm suffering through very slow performance and some missing texture issues (for example, the character selection screen where you choose your portraits, the eyes and some of the hair are black). Whoever I control has a bad habit of moving around in circles. I can sometimes move to where I want to go, but it is VERY difficult (and very frustrating). I updated all my drivers, downloaded and used the patch, did everything the troubleshooting guide told me to do, and still nothing. The game runs exactly the same way it did before I did anything to it.

I just bought this game for my PC and I don't want to have wasted my money. My thought is, my Video/Graphic card is not the right one (even with the recent update I installed for it). Despite the fact a lot of people can play this game on machines slower than mine, I can't play this game at all.

I have a "PCI Express Slot" available for an upgrade but I have been unable to find a card to go there that is listed among the system requirements for the game.

So here is the help I need, and I hope your willing to take time enough to help me out as I really want to play this game. 1. If there is some kind of Mod or some way to get this game to work with my current Video/Graphic card, please point me in the right direction. OR 2. If you can find a video card that is an ATI Radeon that WILL work for the game that has a "PCI Express Slot" (must be express, nothing else will work), that would be GREATLY apperciated.

Of course, if you have a spare laying around, in good working order, that your not using, I'll be more than happy to pay you for it.

Any help would be geratly appreciated. P.S: And no, I can't get the game for XBox as I don't have one, I only have a PS2.