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#1 11 years ago

About 2 months ago I started using mods in kotor & kotor 2. I have had no problems in kotor, but kotor 2 is giving me a problem. All mods are installed according to their instructions. Since using mods in kotor 2, I have not been able to go any further than the surface of telos. It starts with a black screen & music playing. When I save (f4) that dose not help, but when I (f5) & it reloads I get the surface of telos w\me (my charecter) standing there with the remote of bao dur (no bao dur) & kreia & atton standing there. If I bring kreia & atton into the game through the party selection menu, I will then have 2 of each. Two will follow me, but not the remote. I have reloaded the game & even purchased a new one, trying different mod cofigurations and still no luck. I really do not want to go back to playing without any mods to see if I can play through again. These mods sure make it alot more fun. If anybody has any ideas as to what might be going on I sure woud appreciate it. Thanks. I found my problem, when I installed the (increasedstuff) addon, I installed kotor not tsl. Sorry about that.