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29th September 2010

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#1 8 years ago

This has happened to me a few times before but this time i got really angry. I was at the onderon palace right before the big fight. I installed a mod for something and when i reopened the game kreia was no where to be found. I checked the party screen and it said "I am broken so very very broken" with no picture. I remember this error from before and had to delete my save (35 hrs) because it was seemingly unfixable and kreia is necessary at the palace, also i got the cant enter the battle bug. But thats a different problem. Has anyone had this kreia getting broken problem before? or does anyone know how to fix this?


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13th June 2010

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#2 8 years ago

i had the sorry im broken thing on the Xbox before it was freaking funny.But i have a problem that is much more important.When i got out of the secret academy on Telos for the first time the Garage,Kreias room,and Visas room was pitch black and i couldnt get in that room.There are containers in the hall way going into the garage and in the security cam room.Finally the cockpit is all white and when i walk in the cockpit i cant use the navi-map or anything in there:(.


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#3 8 years ago

Once Briana died in that training fight on the Ebon Hawk. On my party screen, it had the same "Broken" phrase. Though it was fixed when I restored to a previous game. BTW, what causes that "Broken" phrase?