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#1 11 years ago

Hey. When I try to play the part of the story where you meet up with the Jedi Masters on Dantoinne the conversation will end abruptly and I will just be left standing there. When I go over and try to talk to the Masters, their previously standing bodies fall to the floor and a caption at the bottom appears stating they are dead. I am also left without any idea what to do. I have played the game through before and I remember that a movie/animation with Kreia will appear near this time but it doesn't. Whenever I go to Telos, it acts as if though everything is normal. So basically the meeting with the Masters only made me lose Kreia and any sort of help the quest information in the log gave me. I have installed several mods and I wonder if that might have effected my game negatively, causing it to do this. I also tried to patch it, but that didn't work either. Any ideas?

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#2 11 years ago

I think any mod for extra diolog or deleted extrascenes might be conflicting with each other. but it's safe to try reinstalling the game still keep the stuff you have. the game will ask if you wanna keep the condfigured data when you uninstall TSL, choose YES & it will still be there when you re-install as for the update I don't use it TSL came out in 2005, you do the math on that


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#3 11 years ago

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