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#1 11 years ago

I accidentally posted this in the kotor1 section

Hello all. When you're finished reading this post you're almost definitly going to think I'm an idiot. I was searching the net to see if I could find a patch that fixes the metal texture problem in starwars KoTOR : TSL and I found one that was suppose to fix it called 1.0c. I wasn't aware that lucas arts released such a patch, and to my dismay, did not actually realize I was downloading the patch from Long story short, I can't load a game because it just crashes. I know for a fact that this is the patch's / my fault because I was playing the game less than 5 miniutes before I installed the patch, and I was pleasently suprised that I wasn't having to deal with a single crash in the past week (I am running it on vista) . I really, really don't want to unistall the game/can't because the disks are 300 kilometres away. Please help me fix this!