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As everyone knows Vista hates KOTOR and vice versa and theres many ways to make the relationship symbiotic

Not all the ways mentioned worked for me, hell I had to find part of it myself for it to work!

Just for the people for whom the general ways dont work here is my fix

Install KOTOR2 like advised on the Obsidian supportforums (running setup.exe from CD1 under admin and comp mode etc)

Download the Vista Fix and Skip Peragus mod from Filefront and install em

follow instructions given below

Run it in Windows 2000 comp mode

Disable Sound and Movies in Launcher

Start the game

Enable Software sound in the Sound options > Advanced

Close game

Reopen game

Activate Sound in Launcher

I know its similar to other but I had to restart the game like above to play with sound and noone ever suggested the Skip Peragus part so hereby