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24th July 2008

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Reason I responded to a post that was over 2 years ago was because 1, someone brought up necrons so I might as well do some necromancy and bring back old arguments to enjoy and laugh at.



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15th June 2006

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#32 11 years ago
Lordofthemarines;4092051their not really powerfull people,they are the manifestation of our fears etc,and bestow their gifts from THE WARP the emperor is the an omnipresent being made from the souls of millions of past psykers (pre civilization) who recognized chaos and channeld their energy into one unborn child.the emperor also widley spread the fact about them not being gods as it weakned their powers as people werent afraid of them,thus lessenening their power

They are called Chaos Gods, and yes they are powerful. Case in point, the Eldar Gods: Khaine, Lileath, Isha...all were Eldar gods that were in the warp, the same applies to the Chaos Gods; however, they are just warp manifestations of every single species in this galaxy's emotions.

EDIT: oh lawrd, just looked at the dates :(