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#1 12 years ago

um the clues in the title........ Tyu's Batle "Go go go!" the order roared all over the Comms net, and Combat Squad T-34 of the space wolves charged into the spacehulk. the lights flickered, went out. The squads head lamps switced on.Stealthfully, the squad crept forward bolters poised and ready to strike.the assult blades glinted in the light... suddenly an ambush of andriods dropped down, with a roar, the brutal mellee began. Chainswords screeched against metal, in a few minutes all the andriods lay in pieces. Later on 3 of the four man squad lay dead, picking up the sergants Comm link, Tyu heard screaming on the channels;"the andriods! there here help help uussaaaaaarrrrggghhhhh!!!!!!" the comm link went dead apart from the clinking of heavy, dead metal feet. 20 years later..... the ultramarines docked with thhe space hulk. there was one life sing in the ship, one electrical sign. the squad charged into the ship, just like combat squad T-34. Suddenly there was a snarl and a..a...a wolfen charged them! "hold in his name!!" commanded the sergant. Tyu paused, confused, he rememered that, the wolf mind screamed at him to rip the mans throat out,tyu fell, the bolter shell piercing Tyus armour.Tyu smiled, and whispered "thank you" as he exhaled his last breath.


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#2 12 years ago

We've already got something very familier to this. Please use that! :lock: