What is your fav Chaos Legion & why -1 reply

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28th August 2006

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#121 13 years ago
luke da pukeBUT carnivore, the 13th company is cursed, but some of them must of succumned to chaos

I think you're mistaken my friend. According to the "Eye of Terror Codex", the 13th Company was lost in the Eye of Terror 10 000 years ago and they just came back but they had to fight da true fight and they had to repair their gear with what they found at hand, chaos space marines stuff... On the rules side, they got regular access to Space Wolves wargear and benefits from a couple of special rules. The chaos bits of gear are purely visuals. But that doesn't mean you're wrong. The feral nature of the space-wolf geneseed doused by the Eye of Terror may have pushed some of 'em over the edge. You certainly have 13th Cmy Chaos Renegade, Luke.


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12th June 2006

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#122 13 years ago

i picked thousand sons cause the god they worship is kick ass and if it werent for the emperor being gay they would still be a sm chapter. i like iron warriors aswell cause they are the battering ram of chaos and the story of how they turned to chaos is amazing