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Leman Russ, is with the 13th co. On mission in the eye of terror. Leman Russ was devastated by his inability to save the Emperor. After the war was fully completed, and all resistance was crushed, Russ held a great feast, at which he declared he would be leaving, and would return for the 'final battle'. He then vanished, and is said to have gone into the Eye of Terror to continue hunting down the traitorous Marines who fought against the Emperor during the Horus Heresy. Another tale has it that Russ vanished after chasing a Kabal of Dark Eldar who had raided Fenris right into their city of Commorragh. Any evidence for either theories is yet to be presented and there is a large possibility that both are mere fables. The true whereabouts of the Primarch remains a mystery. from the space wolves lexicanum