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Name Changing

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I was searching for a way to automate scripts in TF2, which I did alot of in CS.. and came across a 9-day-old thread that's marked as "done" which said: you can't change your name in TF2 (other than by the friends list). Well, you actually can change your name- go to the console, and input:

setinfo name "Some TF2 Name"

Now, you'll have to do that every map unless you have it in a userconfig.cfg (or similar). If you don't have a userconfig, its real easy, just be sure you're not running TF2 when you do this. Open the file tf2/cfg/config.cfg and add a line to the bottom with:

exec userconfig.cfg

Now make a text file in that same cfg/ dir named "userconfig.cfg". It is in this userconfig.cfg file that you can add commands, such as the setinfo from above.

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