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10th February 2004

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#1 13 years ago

I saw an article on TF2 in CGW a few weeks ago. I was quite surprised to see it looking like The Incredibles, a Pixar movie. Very simple lines, brights colors, funny walking/running gaits, but from the 2 movies I downloaded from Steam TF2 Trailer 1, TF2 Trailer 2. TF 2 Trailer 2 is MUCH better, with some ingame sequences. I've heard people say that TF2 will suck, but what is the alternative? To play TFC over and over? I still play TFC everynight on low-ping servers like Dustbowl 24/7 and Poop's Palace, and I still love TFC.

When Team Fortress Forever comes out it will be a mod-community inspired TF add-on, but I think it will really lack the detail that has been put into TF2. In the TF2 Trailer 2, two opposing barns have been adapted from 2Fort, but you can easily see how it has been transformed. Where the engineer is setting up his sentry is by the team spawn [the two doors spawn area], has really been very artistically transformed.

I am looking forward to TF2 much more than TFF, mostly because it's a Valve product and they are very experienced, and also the trailers speak so much more than TFF's Dustbowl trailer. Granted, TF2 is much further along than TFF, but still Valve has a long history of only working with FPSes, and HalfLife, HalfLife2, and EP1 has shown that TF2 will be the same great quality we have come to love and expect from Valve.

I hope it comes out this winter, and I won't have to upgrade too much. Great job Valve!!!

Team Fortress 2 Site Team Fortess 2 Trailer 1 [Get Steam!] Team Fortres 2 Trailer 2 [Get Steam!] Team Fortress Forever Site Team Fortress Forever Dustbowl Trailer [640x480 WMV]

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#2 13 years ago

I'm sure that gameplay will be good, as said abouve VALVe has alot of experience and ofetn come up with innovative brilliant ideas. Besdies graphics have nothing to do with playability unless there's realy soemthing wrong with the engine.:p I like the comic stylization. Sure, I like realistic visuals, but hey, if the game was not supposed to be very realistic anyway, why should the graphics remain? We've seen alot of FPS games simulating or attmepting to simulate military operations in case of visuals, but often not in case of gameplay. Change from that will be most welcome in my opinion. And this is the correct Team Fortress 2 official website:


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13th February 2006

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#3 13 years ago

Looks so good, and yes I did think the comic book style looked like something out of a pixar film :D

One thing though, I dont want ti to turn into a game like counter strike source, too amny people play that game seriously and you can never really have a fun game on it, with all the players on their drugs and with their lightening fast reactions.


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21st October 2005

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#4 13 years ago

i think this game is gonna be awesome as heck.. i agree with allen its not very realistiv gameplay so the eviroment and the characters dont need to be real either..