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#1 15 years ago

ok im having trouble runing a couple of games that i used to be able to run, Jedi Academy and Republic Commando used to run fine on my computer, but i tried playing them a while ago and they were kinda spazin out, then this weekend i tried running them and my computer went all "DURRR!! IM WEEE TOD ED!" like the screen went black on commando, then i tried running it again and it played for a while, i got through the first auto then my computer litterally went "DURRR!" like i guess it was just repeating a 1 secound clip of sound over and over. Then when i tried academy it just wouldnt go off the first splash that says star wars jedi academy, although i do run guild wars normally alot and that works fine, however i tried running that after, i went into town, and once i entered the mission when the loading screen poped up it did the "DURR" thing again, and its never done that with guild wars i have avast and zone alarm installed, and I ran a scan with avast and found a couple small things and cleaned em out, but the problem still existed, so then i went and poped out my graphics card and ram, thinking maybe there was dust in it or something, but that didnt work anyone have any suggestions for what to do next?

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#2 15 years ago

Try updating the games with patches. Maybe it will also help to try different drivers. Sometimes the latest drivers don't work as well with older games, sometimes they improve things.


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#3 15 years ago

You never mentioned the type of graphics card that you have... And you could getting the new drivers. And if you already have the new drivers, you could use the ones that are given on the CD along with your video card. That seems to be the only thing to do as of now.