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7th March 2005

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#1 12 years ago

Hey all...well, I am having some major problems. I myself am a big techie, but still run into problems. When I bought my new processor and Motherboard, I took in consideration many of yours advice. When I could not find a good ASUS motherboard that would fit my needs, 1000MHz FSB, Socket 939, AGP x8, I decided to do what many of you have said, go with ABIT. I am having major prolems with my brand new UL8 ABIT motherboard. I can't get it to boot off of my cd's. I have tried everything, switching jumpers, swapping cd drives, messing with different boot options, it just isn't happening. I have read before that ABIT boards generally need you to flash the BIOS, is this true? I tried to get a floppy, but I just can't...no one has the drive, and I don't have any floppy's, it is just a pain in the ass...Any Help here?