Acer announce 21inch curved gaming laptop 5 replies

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#1 2 years ago

Well, this is insane...


It's 21 inches, so it's not exactly portable.

The size of the keyboard there is a pretty good indicator of how batshit-insane the size of this is.

Even more gimmicky than just being huge, though, the screen is also curved. Now there's no known benefit to curved screens, as far as I know: they are a bit of a gimmick. Look nice, but on a bulky gaming laptop? Not so sure.

While I don't have an exact spec list, this laptop will have the latest gen Core i7, a GTX 1080, and some other bells and whistles including eye tracking technology and 4.1 channels of sound built into the chassis.

I guess they have a lot of spare room in there!

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#2 2 years ago

My first impression/thought: that looks like a 3 in 1 copier. 

Ofcourse laptops are not ideal for gaming but if you need to somewhat mobile and want a cool curved screen (I see no benefits either), this might be something for those with cash to burn. 

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#3 2 years ago

I think the "curve" might give a bit more of a living feeling to the image. Hardly anything you're going to notice, though.

While I won't buy it myself, it's beautiful as hell. Very sleek design. Very futuristic.


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#4 2 years ago

"Did you see those salesmen from Acer? They've got curved laptops. BIG, curved laptops." Seriously though, I've had my run with a 17" and given my travel experience, I'd rather go for smaller and easier to manage designs as long as it doesn't compromise the hardware. This is anything but that.


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#5 2 years ago
"FileTrekker"It's 21 inches, so it's not exactly portable. […]

It certainly is.

I mean, just look at that one : ;)


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#6 2 years ago

broken image :p

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