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10th October 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Hey guys well i have a situation at hand. I am currently building a website for a computer company in my town. We agreed that he could just pay me for a computer and not charge me any labor and also let me make payments on it. I think thats a great deal but i was also wondering whether i should just build one on my own and charge the guy money which would be only like 100$. Now i configured it up between his and neweggs prices and after shipping the computer shop was only up by 30 bucks. I am not sure on what i should do because i dont make a lot of money working at the job i do and i only make maybe one website every couple months so im not sure whether i should just buy from the computer shop because i could just pay the guy in payments or just save up all the money and build it myself. Oh i also need a new computer really bad cuz i do heavy gaming and i also need a computer to do my work on too.


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10th February 2004

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#2 14 years ago

If I'm understanding you correctly, I think it'd be best to wait until you know you're getting the right parts and then do the thing. You say you do heavy gaming? You could do work and games on the same computer unless your computer is doubling as a portable portfolio, then you'd want seperate computers. One desktop for gaming, and the portable should/would be a laptop. Since he's being nice to you, don't complicate matters. That's my advice.