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14th February 2004

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#11 13 years ago
RevenTrust me, Apple will never top Microsoft. If Microsoft go down the pit, then it will be because of Google. Google have ties with Creative, who are rivals with Apple, which means Google will not spare Apple.

There's an even better reason than that for Apple staying the perennial market share underdog: they've spent the past five or six years carefully (and quite masterfully) sclupting themselves into a very lucrative market niche. To turn commodity and affordable (which equates to common and cheap in the eyes of most consumers) would destroy that image and wreck the little members-only Mac Owners Club thing they've got going for themselves. In short, it'd be a bad market decision, like Ferrari suddenly deciding to get into the semi-luxury-but-still-economy (think Toyota Avalon) market.

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12th April 2002

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#12 13 years ago

we have one here in Cheltenham,never bothered to go in though


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8th September 2005

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#13 13 years ago

I'm from Manchester. I've been to the Apple shop. It's fucking sickening. I hate Apple. It's my mortal enemy. It's in a place called The Trafford Center, full of pre-pubescent girls who wear their tops too low and dirty old men who like pre-pubescent girls who wear their tops too low. The Apple store though is traditionally Apple, smooth rounded edges, all laminated wood and generally quite minimalist. Its pricey because its Apple and people will pay anything for an item which has "i-" printed infront of it, but I don't think a MacMini costs THAT much.


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24th October 2004

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#14 13 years ago

Apple shop opened in Sydney now i beleive.

Apple IMHO is a fad, the iPod's are the only thing keeping them alive. The only reason iPods sell is because the lame ass ads with bono and other celebraties silluoette dancing like a retard, and its 'cool' to use ipods!

[/rant] :)


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#15 13 years ago

Theres a Apple store in Cambridge I would love to go I've never been to a Apple store before. :(

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19th August 2003

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#16 13 years ago

The Apple store I entered had a lot of look and very little substance... And it seemed like the floorsalesmen main expertise was the iPod... God, give me a Frys Electronics over that crap.

I want my long lines, wharehouse sized buildings, and slow but reliant salespeople.

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