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#1 13 years ago

So for Christmas I'm looking to upgrade my Mp3 player and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with Archos, in particular this model. - ARCHOS 4.3" Gray 4GB MP4 Player 605WiFi

The 605 WiFi. It has a 4.3 inch touch screen at 800x480. It has built a built in speaker so i can more easily share my music with my friends. And for 30$ more I can download a web browser for it and go online with it's built in WiFi. finally it has an SD slot so I can expand that fairly small 4GB memory VERY easily, so don't tell me about moving up to the 30gb or 80gb version and whatnot.

I'm just wondering if the 200$ is worth it, mostly regarding the actual quality of the player. It has all the features I want and compared to other MP3 players with similar features it is much cheaper, and I won't have to deal with iTunes. So does anyone have any experience with Archos in general or this MP3 player in particular.


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#2 13 years ago

i brought an archos gmini xs200 bout 3 years ago and it was a good mp3 player did what it said on the tin basically found it reliable and it went through a lot of use for 2 years but then due to being on 95% of the time and on charge a lot the battery did melt but this is a 3 year old example i still prefere them to ipods myself. not sure what the video ones are like but they are sturdy and had no problems when connecting them to any machine apple or windows

hope this has helped

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#3 13 years ago

I've had my Toshiba Gigabeat F40 for what is it....3-3.5 years now. Its a great MP3 player. I haven't had any problems with it. Its a HDD based MP3 player. I don't think they make the F model anymore but they do make the S model which playes both Music, Photos, and videos. My F40 has been through ALOT! Been dropped, stepped on, bumbed, slid, scratched, thrown, and slammed. Not necessarily in that order but its been through alot and could use a serious makeover. It's had less problems in 3 years than my replacement RAZR in 2 months. [COLOR=black]Pros:[/COLOR]

  • Nice color screen.
  • Bright
  • Multiple different sound settings (SRS WoW, etc.)
  • Great capacity
  • Can change the background and/or theme of the menu
  • .....thats about all that I can think of


  • If using Napster songs can be mis-catagorized
  • Mediocre battery life if back light stays on (5 hrs+ listening time....idk)
  • The + cursor (you have a + shaped touch sensitive pad) can be hard to get used to. I just recently found out 4 other things I could do with it.
  • The buttons on the side are a little akward
  • The up and down part of the + is used for volume as well as the specified button(s) on the side
  • Slide show feature is kind of corney

I've only used the F version. I'm not sure about the S series. for your question, I don't have much experience with that type of MP3 player but I have heard that they are pretty good players. If thats what you want get it but the F or S series Gigabeat are a great series of MP3 players. This review brought to you by Orangey Orange Juice. Its Orange, and its Juicy. Orangey Orange Juice. It'll make you thirsty for more. lol Hope this helps. Oh and the little review thing, just something I added. [COLOR=black]Cheers,[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]David (GateCrusher420)[/COLOR]


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#4 13 years ago

Nice Review. Lol.