ATI Radeon 9700 and ASUS A7N8X - rebooting and Graphic errors 1 reply

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14th January 2006

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#1 14 years ago

Hi Folks Perhaps you guys can help me here as I am pulling my hair out Here is the setup ASUS A7N8X (BIOS 1007) AMD Athlon 2800+ with cooler 512MB memory sticks (listed on ASUS site) ATI RADEON 9700 PRO (with latest drives installed) Iliyama TFT with DVI Maxtor 80gb Hard disk CD RW blah blah blah Anyway here goes Problem has been occuring for sometime now and I am getting cheesed off with it, in the beginning the games would not run for longer than 10 minutes (far cry etc) then blue screen of death identifying that the radeon was the problem area. OK un-install/re-install card with new drivers - same thing - re-install with Omega drivers.. helped a little but still blue screen of death. Installed new AGP drivers and still game would lock up after 10 minutes. Heard from ATI to de-activate Fast Write Cache and drop the Aperture size down and see if that mackes a difference. A little as it was 15 minutes before machine crashes with blue screen of death with something that looks like hebrew language though could be mistaken, as couldnt read it that well. The after all had failed I re-installed the whole thing with XP Professional and all the latest drivers, adapter drivers etc Now games just lock up - even the less intensive games like lego racer die, decided to rip everything again and build from scratch (losing patience here of course) Checked Temperature/Cooling - no problem Checked Voltage - PSU 400w no problem Checked Aperture Size - Set to auto, de-activated Fast Write Cache The other strange thing is that when machine crashes now I get the 3 beeps just before machine starts and goes no further, the I have to remove the power supply to the motherboard and the CMOM battery, then it sees during the count that there is a checksum error and loads the default - then it starts up. I am thinking that the mobo is shot. No problems changing the refresh rate Any other ideas ???


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15th January 2004

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#2 14 years ago

Sounds like a very unique situation, And with the current description, I would agree that it may be the mobo. Maybe you can find a store near by with a good return policy, so you could either buy and try swapping out your suspect bad mobo or maybe a store that maintains duplicate known good sets, that could test swap and test out the problem for you.