ATI's Crossfire BEATS SLI in benchmarks!!! 26 replies

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#21 14 years ago

Yeah, but from what I understand about crossfire you'll need to buy new "crossfire edition X850's" in order to get them to "sli"....

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#22 14 years ago

read the article. They said the crossfire card would be a second card and the SLI bridge. Most of the SLi'ing is done in the drivers. what the cross fire edition will do is clock down to the other card and/or shut down pixel pipelines so they are working in tandem. That is how you can have a crossfire x800 with a normal X800 and they will still work.


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#23 14 years ago

I guess thats not such a bad deal... wish it was compatable mixing diff models... like a x800xl with a x850xt



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#24 14 years ago

same here i always had trouble with ATI. There drivers suck. Specialy with linux...


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6th March 2004

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#25 14 years ago

Check it out!! ATI Crossfire

To build your own latest generation multi-GPU system, start with any existing Radeon® X800 or Radeon® X850 graphics card and a CrossFire Ready motherboard, such as those based on the ATI Radeon® Xpress 200 CrossFire chipset. Then add a Radeon CrossFire Edition co-processor board and plug in the external cable to unite multi-GPU power.

THE HELL??? confusedx.gif So now I gotta buy a "CrossFire Ready motherboard". So if I don't like the product or nVidia puts out a better one I am stuck with ATI. (of course, the argument can be used the OTHER way around)

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#26 14 years ago

Divide and Conquer ATI’s CrossFire speeds your gaming momentum with “supertiling,” high-performance GPU sharing that evenly divides the processing and graphics rendering workload. How Supertiling Works: Think of your screen image divided into subsections like a checkerboard, with alternating black and white “tiles.” CrossFire’s Supertiling intelligently alternates rendering duties of these tiles to each Radeon GPU for consistent, efficient load balancing with hassle-free compatibility.

CrossFire’s options include a multiple load-sharing “scissor” mode and an alternate frame-rate mode, combining optimal performance with game-conquering compatibility.

Sweet. *ponders whether to get one for the new ES game*

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#27 14 years ago

well im not buying into any of this until games come out that visibly slow my super pooter down, and that will be a good while yet

Thinking about it.