August launch for GTX 1180? 4 replies

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#1 4 months ago

With the GTX 10 series being nearly two years old now, people are waiting more and more for the next generation cards.

This alleged leaked email apparently suggests August;

There are a few red flags worth pointing out. Much of the information found in the video is a summarisation of recent rumours that have been thrown around. Beyond that, there is mention of a GTX 1180+, which is something we’ve not seen from Nvidia in the past. Finally, we usually see the GTX xx80 and xx70 cards launch at the same time, but according to this rumour, they will be spread out by one month, which is another odd detail.


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#2 4 months ago

A lot of speculation was that Nvidia might do a reveal at Gamescom. And I guess it's been confirmed in the last couple days that Nvidia is doing a GeForce event at Gamescom this year, so it's very likely that a new card will be released in the next month or two.

i find myself caring quite a bit less at the moment though. For the next few months at least, I'll be playing games that aren't graphically demanding enough to overwhelm my 980. After that, we'll see. I guess I just hope that the card release isn't mediocre/highly priced to where 10xx series will stay at around MSRP prices for many months to come. 

The real winners are the ones lucky enough to get a 10xx series card at launch, and they will be for a while longer imo.

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#3 4 months ago

Wouldn't mind switching out my 970 for something newer, but I don't really have time for gaming these days and when I do the games are not that demanding. But still curious what kind of graphics quality will be possible with the next high-end cards and when game devs will actually use that capability (mostly people seem to ramp up resolution).

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#4 4 months ago

My 1080 Ti will stick it out for a while.

My next upgrade is probably going to be a full upgrade. CPU/Mobo/RAM and I want to get an NVME SSD as well.

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#5 3 months ago

I'm quite tempted to pick up a used 1080 or 1080 Ti as power-efficiency wise, the new cards are expected to be significantly less efficient than current cards. Well, not less efficient, but similarly efficient to where an increase in performance requires more overall power. Basically, it comes down to whether it is cheaper in terms of dollars per performance to grab a current-gen card or a next-gen card. And whether the new features are worth it. I guess I'll probably wait until some reviews are out...