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14th February 2004

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#1 14 years ago

After a fairly long time since the last time my PC had problems it's starting to screw up again. I dunno why, but now when I press the power button to start the computer, the booting process only lasts for a second or to(Right after I push the button) before it shuts down suddenly, never booting to the desktop. Only one in a 1000 tries can the computer ever boot successfully and I can use it. Eitheir way, when I start the computer, the green and red lights(whatever they're called) in front of the PC case light up, as they always should, and then when the computer fails to start and shuts down, the red light goes off, while the green light remains steady, which means that the computer is still "on" in a way but it's not starting, and I have to press and hold onto the power button to fully turn off the PC. I just wanted to point out this since it's how I noticed the computer failed to start. Any solutions?

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28th July 2002

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#2 14 years ago

im guessing a virus got into the windows system wont happened to me...we lost everything and had to get a new hard drive

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23rd November 2002

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#3 14 years ago

The Green Light is the Power, but the Red light is Hard Drive Activity.

That sounds like a difficult problem to track down. Try booting into Safe Mode, and see if it still does it.

1. Corrupt Video Drivers

2. Overheated, or Damaged Video Card, or RAM, or Processor.

3. Corrupted System Files, or a Virus.

4. Program Crash, causing the Video to crash. -> Check the startup files.

5. Resource, Driver, hardware, or program conflict of some sort...

6. Power Supply Failure.

SO it could be practically anything.


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10th November 2003

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#4 14 years ago

oh u push the power botton an then the cd drive an stick XP disk in an you do the reformat an thats whats it all about (tune of hok-e- poke-e)


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12th March 2004

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#5 14 years ago

sys specs?


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2nd August 2004

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#6 14 years ago

it might not be a virus i had a similar problem with my brothers computer, it would sometimes turn on for litterally a secound, and other times it wouldnt turn on at all, but there was still a light inside the computer staying on that needs its power from the power supply it might be your power supply has gone bad. the only way i know how to test this is (what i did) riped out my power supply and put it into my bros computer and it worked fine. one problem with this is, i know with dells some motherboards and cpu's run at a different amount of electricity so throwing in n e power supply might short circut them. so if you have another computer that is the same model i recomend doing that. otherwise if its still under warrenty u should be able to (at least i could with dell) get them to send you another one for free within 2 days, then u just have to send back the old one


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24th January 2005

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#7 14 years ago

I had a similar problem. does the computer even boot up into windows? mine sometimes would, then die at random. It actually turned out to be a bad powersupply.