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#1 1 year ago

I find it fascinating how accurate some of these visions into the future are.

Some are less so, but these ones are great;

An accurate take on what life would be like with digital cameras, when they were first being developed, c. 1985.

Mobile phones and the technology that makes them work, actually being used way back in 1979, with a weirdly accurate depiction of how we'd all end up using them. Interestingly at the end, the world's first 'wrong number' mobile telephone call.

How we'd all be interacting with computers using touch in the future, while maintaining the keyboard and mouse would never go away. A pretty insightful and balanced look at what would become iPads and PCs today, but in 1991.

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#2 1 year ago

An interesting note on the digital camera: It was technically invented by Steven Sasson from Kodak in the 70s. The short version is that Kodak gave him the task of finding out whether anything could be done with CCDs, which were very new at the time. He worked on it for a while and came up with the idea of using it for image capture, and went from there. The first demo was a conglomeration of hacked together hardware, but was a good proof of concept. Kodak didn't like it, so the digital camera didn't see the market for a while longer. The project is the sort of thing that makes aspiring engineers want to be engineers - being locked in a room unnoticed and unbothered for months while madly developing a prototype of a brand new device. Then real life strikes, and that aspiring young engineer realizes that unless he/she is really, really, really lucky, he/she will be little more than a highly trained monkey doing lots of paper-pushing and maybe using Microsoft Excel to crunch some numbers.

Read more about the camera here