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#121 9 years ago

It's ok, I mostly play it cause of the awesome graphics, the gameplay is pretty good in of itself. Really though it's not much of a Ram intensive game, cause since I'm running XP it only registers 3 of the 4 GB, and I still get 40 fps avg with everything maxed.

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#122 9 years ago

I would say that you should try playing games that you normally play for long periods of time and try those out. If you still get crashes run memtest for 5x runs with 4 sticks in, then if you get errors do the same thing but with each stick that way you can single out which stick is bad and RMA it to the appropriate vendor.


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#123 9 years ago

Thanks Kow, I'll do that then. CoD 4 and CoD WaW are two games I play for lengthy times - I also play EaW and other strategy games for a long time but those games never have caused crashes (even on the old video card). I'll see if I get any crashes during a regular game session.