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9th April 2005

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#1 13 years ago

I have been wanting a better phone than my Razr V3. It keeps crashing on me and I turn it on and take it out of my pocket later and its turned itself off with a full battery. It does other stupid things and I want to put stuff like things I need to do for the day/coming days. I have the opportunity to buy a Blackberry 7105t for $100 and I have some questions about Blackberries in general. Is it still a cool and useful phone if I don't pay for all the extra Blackberry stuff (I really don't plan on paying it because I wouldn't use the internet and stuff hardly ever)? Does it have a calendar/planner/memo/etc I can put something like "Remember to go by the store on the way home" and just glance at the phone and see that message? Does anyone have this particular model to tell me if it's easy to use and how difficult entering messages into it is? Any opinions about Blackberries or any other smartphones you'd recommend that I can use with T-mobile would be appreciated. Oh, and this Blackberry I have the chance to buy just comes with a charger (Is it supposed to have anything else with it like a data cable?). Also, can any PDAs function as a phone? (I ask because I swear I remember something like a Sony Clie having a shortcut to a phone and it pulled up a dial pad). Thanks for any advice!



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13th October 2005

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#2 13 years ago

I own an older Blackberry, and overall the setup of the phone is very nice, but I am not sure about the memo feature, mine only pops up if you set a time on it