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#61 11 years ago

Well I'm getting conflicting info on the Rosewill. My friend actually uses it and hasn't had any problems so far, not sure how long he has had it. And some of you guys find it pretty good, while others don't. It got good reviews on Newegg as well. I dunno, I''ll look around and see what I can find around the same cost but the Rosewill just seems like a good bang for the buck option and like I said I have gotten good reports on it along with the few bad ones on here.

But yeah, I'll look around first.


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#62 11 years ago

One of the key things to note is if you look at only the performance specs, you can do better at the same price. I would rather concern myself with it's efficiency rating than whether it has LEDs for instance. It costs them money to add those lights and it doesn't do anything for performance. My rule of thumb is if I want bling, I pay more for it, not get something inexpensive that has it.