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11th March 2006

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#21 11 years ago
Retherferd;4292608Uhh once again for that much money you could find an ATX Full or Mid with a far better PSU, look for at least a 700wat so you don't have to upgrade for quite some time. That's an awful lot for so little of a case.

Future upgrades aren't going to use more power, more likely, they'll use less power because of more advanced tech (smaller die size, etc.)

As I suggested before, go with either the Seasonic or Corsair. Both are great for the price, they are much more efficient, reliable, quieter, and cooler than the PSUs that come with cases.


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#22 11 years ago

hey all i,m new too the site but i,m a very good computer tech and all i use is a cheap computer from staples canada the only thing i put in that cost me a bit of money is my video card which is a radeon xt 2600 512 mb thats all i use and i never had a problem so in my opinion its not the mother board its the cpu, power supply, video card and ram <----------- avid gamer