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#1 2 years ago

3D printing has come a long ways in terms of being accessible by the consumer market in the past few years, but there hasn't been a lot of innovation in the fundamental technology - either extrusion printers or lithography printers.

Carbon showed off their technology which uses a membrane that can control the oxygen level at the bottom of the print bed, and this allows continuous lithography printing rather than using the cure and peel process. The result is a printer that can print extremely quickly - around 100 times faster than traditional stereolithography printers. I'm pretty excited.

Here's a video describing the printer and what it can do. Unfortunately it doesn't get too much into the details of how it works. Also unfortunately it's not coming to the consumer market for a while as they're focusing on the commercial market first.

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#2 2 years ago

Creating objects with intricate detail and of various colors is what is going to make this technology truly special, not that it isn't now.

But I think of the current generation of 3D printers to being akin to the old dot-matrix days. Good to see the technology is progressing quickly, however. 

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