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14th February 2008

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#1 12 years ago

In the next couple of weeks I will be purchasing a new computer, which I will then modify to my liking. At the moment I'm thinking about buying a new Case and then adding some neon lights for a nice appearance.

I'm currently seeking advice on Cases, what is the best size, does it have to be well ventilated, do I require extra space for such addons as neon lights, and how much does a decent case cost.

And Lights, are they connected to the PSU or ran by batteries. How much do these products cost, will this effect my computer in any way?

Thank you.


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#2 12 years ago

The lights that I had, was connected to the PSU, and they werent that big but still created some fancy light. I would guess that a case with a glass side would fit you well so that you can see some neon light inside of your computer. This would create a far more spacy effect than just a shell thats not transparent on the sides.

The size depends much on your insides. If you have big parts such as many HDDs and a big GPU, you need a bigger one, but if you are going to have the basic stuff you can fit it into a mid tower.

The prices can vary alot, and it depends on if you are going to have a PSU included into the case it will add a couple of bucks. - Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Computer Cases

This is a heavy gamers set. It includes a 1000W PSU. 1000W is quite alot and you can really put in some massive stuff in there without any power loss. This also contains a fan inside on the top of the case that will cool your system even more, and with overclocking this can be a saver.

Of course that case was just an example of what I was pointing at. It contains a glass side, neon lights on the front (You can insert neon to most of the mobos now) and with allowed overclocking.

If you are not the heavy gamer type, you could go for a simpler case without the great PSU you can have for instance - XION II XON-101 Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 450W Power Supply - Computer Cases with a less powerful PSU but with glowing included in the case itself and with some nice styling. Note though that the PSU might not be the best quality as someone said that it was very light, and the PSUs should weigh a bit.

These are just some of the examples, and please wait for others to write here. Do not just trust entirely on me.

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21st December 2003

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#3 12 years ago

I've got the Antec 900 with a chunky GPU (8800GTS) and 5 hard drives in it, with space to spare. As far as a mid-tower ATX case goes, it's pretty spacoius. I want to add some blue or red neons to mine, because it would look purdy. The window in it is about average. I've seen smaller, and I've seen bigger. The non-standard shape of it adds a touch of class as well. I really like this case, if you've got the cash to throw down for it, I'd say get it. You don't have to worry about heat as far as neon lights go. The only thing creating heat from it will be the converter box you have to plug the lights into. Neon lights are cold-cathode ray tubes, meaning the reaction creates little to no heat. Plus, this case has the 200mm fan on top, 2 120mm fans in front, one in back, and room for one more on the side (I went ahead and put it on as an intake), to provide excellent heat removal and airflow.