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#1 8 years ago

I was getting totally sick of this negative mouse acceleration on the updated CSS and normal mouse acceleration on Windows 7, so I started looking again.

I finally found something. It's made by CodeGuru and it works as a middleman between any program with mouse signals and your Operating System. It reads mouse signals from the program, corrects it and releases these to the OS.

HOW TO USE 1. Find out what program you want corrected. The two programs I wanted corrected were my CSS and my Logitech drivers. 2. Search the installation folder of the path. This contains the process name. For CSS this is where hl2.exe is (*:*Steam steamapps*counter-strike source). For my mouse drivers it was C:Program FilesLogitechSetPoint. 3. Copy the MouseAccelerationFix in this folder and run it. It will generate two files. One is workgroup which looks for the mousesignals in processes ran from this folder, the other is windows_7full which corrects the mouse signals. 4. Restart your computer.

Accel File Generator

You can do this for any mouse driver or any game that uses mouse input.

Credits: the CodeGuru community GCDEF Mike Pliam

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#2 8 years ago

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