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7th September 2004

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#1 16 years ago

how do you change your name on DHCP cilent list? For some reaons mine is just a bunch of weird numbers and when people try to access my shared files on lan they need a password even though I didnt have one set.

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#2 16 years ago

A DHCP server (a router or something) assigns machines on a network with an internal network IP, not with a name or callsign. Each machine on the network will be assigned its own IP address so its "wierd numbers" are unique on that network.

Your computers network ID is something else completely. Rightclick my computer -----> Properties -----> Network identification change it to whatever you want

The people who log onto your machine needs user rights of some sort. Your machine has 2 accounts built in: Guest and administrator + whatever account you made for yourself. Either you can make seperate accounts for each of your friends, or you can create a single account that all can use. You can also give them your administrator accounts if you trust them..

If you do not know what and IP address is ("the bunch of wierd numbers") the whole DHCP scenary can be a bit confusing. I woul suggest you read a few computer guides to brush up on your networking knowledge.